The end of game patching is near.

DIRECT 5 for Games is coming soon


Everything you need to get your online game ready to play.

Reduce time to market.

A complete deployment solution.
No financial commitment needed.
Get up and running quickly.

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Deploy game build and updates globally in minutes.

Reduce time to deploy.

Automated version path creation.
Auto high-speed ingest to global CDNs.
Deploy, test and go live when you're ready.

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Remove friction.
Get more players.

Reduce time to play.

High speed download & install.
Fast sync to latest version.
Automatic error recovery.
Multi-stage game install support.

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We solve game build deployment for leading makers and publishers of PC online games.
Here are some of the companies who trust DIRECT for Games:

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  • solid-state-networks-bandai-namco
  • solid-state-networks-bioware
  • solid-state-networks-en-masse
  • solid-state-networks-free-jam
  • solid-state-networks-gameforge
  • solid-state-networks-gazillion
  • solid-state-networks-graybox
  • solid-state-networks-kidaptive
  • solid-state-networks-microsoft-studios
  • solid-state-networks-zenimax-online-studios