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We are Solid State Networks. Our business is to develop flexible software solutions that handle all the complex logistics and hidden requirements of digital deployment. Our main product is DIRECT and we offer it in three flavors: DIRECT for Downloads, DIRECT for Games and DIRECT Custom Solutions.

But we are also consumers. We’re gamers. We’ve all run into the issues related to downloading and updating games, software and other things. We’ve seen how bad of an experience it can be. More than a few of us have also worked in industries like game software development, so we’re intimately familiar with the problems that come with the territory. And that’s why we’ve chosen to take on the challenge of making all the aspects of deployment as pain free for our customers and for our customers’ customers as possible. We’re here to help make it easy.

About Us
First and foremost, we are a customer-driven organization. Our focus since 2005 has been to take the hassle out of getting our customers’ digital cargo to their customers’ computers and other devices. We have a lot of experience when it comes to online delivery and deployment, but it’s the interaction with our customers that truly drives our technology and innovation.

DIRECT provides a rock-solid foundation to deploy online games, software and other digital assets. The evolution of our technology goes beyond reducing delivery costs and overhead to those which build customer loyalty and generate revenue. It’s not enough to simply deliver files — you need to provide the best experience to your customers. We help you manage all aspects of digital deployment, plus we help you overcome the many challenges you probably never thought existed.

Solid Team, Solid Solutions
Solid State Networks is led by company founder and CEO Rick Buonincontri. As a company, we believe in aligning our success with your success. To us, that means providing the best possible user experience to your customers, the best possible solutions to you and your staff, and the best possible pricing and support to fit your needs.

The Solid State Networks office is located in Tempe, Arizona, USA.

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Solid State Networks is also a proud member of the Arizona Technology Council.
Solid State Networks is a member of the Arizona Technology Council

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