About our company

Our passion is game deployment.

We love online games. We love playing them. We are also very proud of our work over the years in helping game developers get their game ready to play, allowing them to focus on building the best game possible.

In fact, it was in the early days of online games when a particularly poor game onboarding experience inspired the start of Solid State Networks. We knew a thing or two about download technology and content delivery networks (CDNs). This was the sort of problem that we believed shouldn’t have to be solved many times over by game developers, especially if it meant diverting precious development resources away from working on making a great game.

Yes, we love games so much that we threw ourselves into finding a better way to deploy, deliver and optimize the player onboarding process for the benefit of game developers, publishers and players. Call it selfish, but our self-imposed mandate is to eliminate as much of the rigmarole that stands between the player and getting to actual game play as possible.

We have had the privilege of working with some of the top game studios in the world while they worked on making some of the best known online games. That experience and learning has been funneled back into our own products to make them even better.

Today, our mission is to provide studios small and large with the tools, technologies and services they need to manage the initial development and ongoing content updates efficiently throughout the game life cycle.


Here’s a quick introduction to the leaders of the Solid State Networks team:

Rick Buonincontri, Strategy & Product
Jason Eley, Projects, Process & Product
Steve Tucker, Technology & Development
Dennis Baker, IT Operations
Gammy Pichardo, Customer Success
Heather Hix, Product Adoption

Solid State Networks was founded in 2005 to solve specific problems facing the then nascent online game industry. At that time, cost of delivery and download abandonment were two obvious pain points for online game publishers. Pricing for CDN was in the $.75-$1.00 per Gigabyte range and games were just starting to exceed 1 gigabyte in size. Our first product was a download manager that improved the end user experience for players downloading while incorporating sharing of end user bandwidth (P2P) as a way to dramatically reduce game delivery costs by up to 50%.

In 2008 we took note of the critical role that game updates (patches) played in the business models of online games. Developers were pretty much left to design and develop their own solution for this problem, which required significant time and development resources that otherwise could have gone into making their game. We released the industry’s first commercially available integrated patcher and launcher in 2009.

Our goal is to evolve DIRECT to meet the needs of our customers and the expectations of their players. We have had the privilege of working with some of the finest game studios in the world and we are grateful to have had their feedback and input which has been crucial to our product development.

Solid State Networks is made up of people who love games. We love to play them and we love to experience the amazing technology breakthroughs that make those games even better. We understand the joys and pains associated with online games. That’s why we strive to find ways of getting games ready to play more efficient, engaging and even fun for the player.