Solution Tiers

Each tier gives you full access to DIRECT for Games, the best CDN networks and stellar support. The tiers correspond with the development and deployment stages of your game, from early stage development to public launch. Save development time and deploy faster with DIRECT for Games.

Evaluate the current full version of DIRECT for Games free for 60 days. You can also request notification for the release of DIRECT 5 for Games.


Early-stage development.

  • DIRECT for Games SDK
  • Basic Support
  • 10 GB CDN Storage
  • 500 GB CDN Delivery


Single game.

  • DIRECT for Games SDK
  • Single Game
  • Standard Support
  • Real-Time Reporting: 100,000 data points/mo.
  • 200 GB CDN Storage
  • 10 TB CDN Delivery


Multiple games.

  • DIRECT for Games SDK
  • Unlimited Games
  • Standard Support
  • Real-Time Reporting: 250,000 data points/mo.
  • 500 GB CDN Storage
  • 25 TB CDN Delivery
  • Multi-Game Launcher


Large studio/custom.

  • Adds the following:
  • Premium Support
  • Custom Reporting
  • High-Volume CDN Pricing

Request your free evaluation today for our current version of DIRECT for Games.

You can also request to be notified of our upcoming release of DIRECT 5 for Games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to provide our customers what they need, when they need it. For a game studio who is in the early stages of game development, the Developer Tier (which includes CDN and Storage) will provide early access to our software and technical documentation, without an upfront cost or commitment. This allows a studio to run internal betas and small group testing while maintaining no upfront license costs. As the game nears a public beta or production release, the needs of the studio will increase. Therefore, we offer the opportunity for our software, features, as well as engagement and support to grow with the needs of the studio.

DIRECT for Games currently supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. We will be adding Linux in Q3 of 2016.

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