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We offer DIRECT for Games in solution tiers which correspond to the development and deployment stages of your game. It’s designed to give you full access to the software while you develop your game and to grow with your particular needs. Save development time and deploy faster with DIRECT for Games.

Solution Tiers

Free Best for early-stage development

  • Publishing Service (GUI)
  • Launcher Template
  • Up to 200 Active Devices/mo
  • Basic Reporting
  • Basic Support
  • 500 GB/mo CDN Delivery
  • 10 GB/mo Cloud Storage

Studio Best for alpha/beta testing

  • Publishing Service (GUI)
  • Launcher Template
  • Active Device Volume Pricing
  • Standard Reporting
  • Standard Support
  • 10 TB/mo CDN Delivery
  • 200 GB/mo Cloud Storage

Publisher Best for public betas/releases

  • Publishing Service (GUI & Console)
  • Launcher Template
  • Active Device Volume Pricing
  • Premium Reporting
  • Premium Support
  • 25 TB/mo CDN Delivery
  • 500 GB/mo Cloud Storage
  • 15% Discount on Professional Services

Frequently Asked Questions

We established the solution tiers specifically around the needs of game developers and publishers. Our goal is to provide you with what you need, when you need it.

If you have a game in its early development stages, for example, the Free Tier (which includes up to 200 Active Devices per month as well as CDN and Storage) will provide early access to our software and technical documentation without an upfront cost or commitment. This allows you to run small-scale testing without any upfront licensing costs. As your needs increase, such as when your game is ready for public beta or production release, you can select the next appropriate tier.

The solution tier identifies the software features, APIs, support level and reporting functionality you will receive. The active device pricing is based on the cost for the actual deployment of the game, game updates, and software maintenance. Active device pricing provides access to our publishing services and latest versions/updates. Active device pricing does not include the cost of the CDN.
DIRECT for Games creates a machine ID to identify and report unique active devices. Therefore, any instance of DIRECT for Games operating on a unique system, either in an initial game install or, later, in the process of performing a payload update, is considered an “active device.”

If a player re-installs a game on their same system within a given calendar month, this will not add to the active device count for that month.

If a player performs a first-time install to a second system within a given calendar month, that will add to the active device count.

Example: If a player installs the game for the first time in March, they will be counted as one (1) active device for that billing month. If they launch and play the game several times in April but do not download an update or patch, that user would not be counted an active device for billing purposes for that given month. That user will only show up again as an active device for billing purposes the next time they receive a payload update or game patch within any billing month. The number of payload updates each active device may receive during any billing month is unlimited.

Monthly active users (MAUs) are a mechanism that game companies use to gauge and measure how many players are actively involved in game play for any given month.

Active devices are the number of players that either downloaded the game for the first time, or received a payload update/patch in any given month. The active device count will typically be much lower than the MAU count.

Example: A game has 200,000 MAUs for the month of June. During June, 50,000 of those MAUs are new players who downloaded the game for the first time and 25,000 were existing players who downloaded an update or patch during the month of June. The active device count for that month would only be 75,000, significantly less than the MAUs for that given month.

Active devices are counted monthly. Active devices are simply the total number of unique machine IDs that were active (installed the game for the first time and/or performed a subsequent payload update/patch) during any given billing month. This number might vary greatly depending on whether or not a new payload update or patch was made available during the month. However, keep in mind that players returning to your game after an absence may need to “patch up” to the latest version even if you haven’t published a payload update recently.
Active device pricing for the Studio and Publisher solution tiers are volume-based. The higher the volume, the lower the cost per active device. On our standard rate card, active device pricing can be as low as $0.005 per active device based on volume. Rates below $0.005 per active device can be achieved through a custom quote provided by our Product Adoption Department upon request.
Exceeding your active device count for any given billing month will result in either a prorated overage charge based on your plan’s current cost per active device overage, or an automatic plan upgrade. We will always choose the lower cost option.
You do not have to use our CDN. DIRECT for Games will work with any HTTP1.1-compliant CDN. However, we know that with any online solution, you will require access to online storage and/or delivery during the early stages of development. This is why we bundle CDN delivery and storage into each solution tier. This allows you the freedom to use the CDN included in your selected solution tier at no additional cost to you. The choice is yours. Our goal is to provide you with an end-to-end solution that meets your business and technical needs.
A best practice is to use a CDN for delivering game files to ensure that all players have a quality install and update experience. Our CDN solution gives you immediate access to a global delivery backed by leading CDN providers. By including CDN delivery and storage in each solution tier, you have the peace of mind to know you have what you need to easily progress from alpha through production launch without requiring any changes to your delivery infrastructure. While you are not required to use our CDN (any HTTP1.1 compliant CDN will do) we designed our CDN solution specifically for the needs of online games. Furthermore, we provide the flexibility to avoid making monthly commitments until such time it would make financial sense to do so.