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Custom Deployment Solutions
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Technology Overview

DIRECT can be customized in a variety of ways to suit your needs. We’ll provide support and API documentation in the event you want to customize DIRECT on your own. We can also work with you to fulfill specific requirements, features and other customizations.

If you have requirements that reach beyond the scope of our standardized download managers or online game deployment options, our experienced team will work with you to deliver the solution you need. We can also help to expedite your deployment if you’re faced with tight deadlines.

Some examples of custom deployments include: account management options for your users, configuration settings, localization, ecommerce, multiple-object handling, entitlement management and more.

In other words, DIRECT can be deployed in a variety of ways to suit your specific requirements. We offer a wide range of professional services which can help you deploy faster, on budget and with the functionality you need.

Get on the right track from the start.
To make sure you get the best solution for your needs, take advantage of our free initial consultation. We’ll arrange a meeting with you and our solution deployment team to determine your needs and match those with what we can offer. We work with you on the business and technical requirements gathering. From that, we can provide you with solution deployment recommendations for how to proceed based on your needs, timeline and available resources.

What DIRECT can do is largely driven by your needs. Contact us with questions or to request a free consultation.

Building a custom digital delivery application? DIRECT will give you a BIG head start.

You want to build a highly-customized digital deployment application, right? But you don’t really want to start all the way from the beginning, do you?

Our most satisfied customers are actually those that have attempted to develop their own solutions, either entirely from scratch or by cobbling together available open source and commercial libraries that address their requirements in some limited way.

Thinking that it makes sense to develop your application from scratch?
Developers that go this route should expect to encounter many “hidden” requirements that typically don’t reveal themselves until the application goes into production. This leads to higher than expected support costs; and a project that exceeds the initial budget and consumes more resources for an extended period of time.

DIRECT has been deployed by and with significant input from leading software, ecommerce and gaming companies. This means you will deploy with confidence, knowing that you are relying on proven technology that has already globally delivered payloads that number in the billions.

Need to support multiple platforms?
Including Windows 8 there are now four OS versions for Windows alone. Add the four versions of the Mac out there and you have a total of eight OS versions to test and support just to service the most common desktop environments.

DIRECT is developed and tested to work with Windows XP SP2 through Windows 8 and Mac 10.5 and above. Maintaining modern features and functionality on dated operating systems is no easy feat, so if you want to support these then DIRECT will get you there.

What about using third party libraries like .NET, Java or AIR?
While this route will get you to a prototype more quickly, you will still need to develop the specific functionality for the delivery application.

DIRECT is native code for Windows and Mac with no third party dependencies. And DIRECT is designed specifically for making digital delivery applications. This means more functionality you need, better performance, lower resource utilization and fewer hassles for the end user–All while providing you the flexibility to make the application do what you need it to do.

The bottom line:
We’ll save you time.
We’ll save you money.
You will have flexibility to develop the things you need to meet your own specific requirements.

DIRECT Custom Solutions Pricing
Pricing for any custom solutions will be based on the project requirements.

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