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DIRECT for Games™ gives you reliable downloads, intelligent game patching software and the cutting-edge management tools you need to deliver a great experience to your players.

Seamless, low friction digital delivery and patching is the key to satisfied players. Your players want to play your game, not deal with download headaches or patching that takes forever to complete. We give you proven, reliable deployment technology and the opportunity to present a fully-engaging user experience that opens new revenue-generating opportunities every time a player launches your game.

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We recently announced that we’ve integrated DIRECT for Games with the Unity Game Engine via a downloadable plug-in. If you’re a game developer or studio using the Unity Engine for your next game, sign up to be included in our DIRECT for Games Unity Beta.

DIRECT for Games Features

Game Patching Software
DIRECT for Games includes a fully-integrated game patching system which gives you the best technology for managing updates on your end and for delivering patches to your gamers. Our intelligent game patching software makes your job easier and it makes the updating process simple and seamless for your players. They don’t need to re-download the entire game just go get a few updates, plus, if they haven’t updated in a while, our solution picks the shortest possible path to get them from the version they have to the latest version with ease.

We’ve designed and developed DIRECT for Games over the years to meet stringent requirements for a wide range of online games, including independent developers and large studios with AAA titles. We’ve done all the dirty work involved with game patching so you don’t have to.

Experience is Everything
There is no substitute for experience. We’ve been building deployment solutions for publishers and developers of online games since 2005. DIRECT for Games is a complete solution which means you get more than just a download manager or patcher. You get a full service system that gives you everything you need plus many things you may not have even considered.

Request an evaluation of DIRECT for Games

Request and evaluation of DIRECT for Games

You can also contact us to request an account for our support portal. Through our support portal, you will have access to our knowledge base as well as our support documentation and best practices for implementation.

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