Optimize for the Win!

Acquiring players is costly. Get more of them into your game and get the most out of your marketing budget.

Reduce Player Abandonment

Player abandonment is an expensive problem.

If you’re spending a big part of your marketing budget to get players interested in your game, you don’t want that to go to waste. Understanding where players abandon the process before they even play your game helps you get the most return for your investment.

DIRECT for Games provides a real-time view into where players abandon your process. You can identify problem areas such as registration, system requirements, installation, download experience and client updating. You can also observe the player onboarding process and determine the most effective ways to engage your players before they begin to play. The end result is a higher rate of conversion and a higher return on your marketing investment.

Optimize player conversions

Real-Time Data

Spot trouble before it impacts revenue.

A/B Testing

Find the right solutions to reduce abandonment and promote engagement.

Cohort Analysis

Understand more about your players’ behavior.

Customization Made Easy

DIRECT for Games makes it easy to create the most unique user experience for your players.

  • DIRECT for Games UI - Out of the box.
  • DIRECT for Games UI - Partial customization.
The “out of the box” template.
A customized template.
Customized with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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