Akamai Ready

The only Akamai approved NetSession replacement for software downloads.

Dave Comery, Sr. Product Manager, Akamai Technologies

“As Akamai continues to focus on product leadership and innovation in high-performance content delivery, we're ending the NetSession Download Manager, and working with existing customers to transition to Solid State Networks Dynamic Download Platform for those services.  Solid State Networks has worked with Akamai for several years and is closely integrated with the Akamai Download Delivery product to ensure a smooth transition path for our customers.”

The only NetSession replacement you will need.

Akamai officially retired the NetSession download manager on September 15, 2019. The Solid State Networks, DIRECT Dynamic Download Platform (DIRECTDDP), is the only Akamai approved replacement for their NetSession solution.

The DIRECTDDP is a full-featured SaaS solution designed for DevOps that enables fast, secure delivery to authenticated users outside of your firewall. DIRECTDDP comes complete with industry-leading features, advanced security capabilities, and a simple to implement API.

Some of the features and benefits are:


  • CDN and JWT token authentication support.
  • Automatic error recovery without user interruption.
  • TLS 1.2 protocol support.
  • HTTPS secure delivery.
  • Data compression and decompression.
  • Blacklist unauthorized domain access.
  • Real-time analytics via a portal or streamed directly to your data warehouse.


  • Simplified DevOps workflows.
  • Increased download success rates.
  • Decreased download file sizes and times.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Complete control of your software deployment beyond the firewall.

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