Game and Consumer XR

Solution Overview

Accelerate Your Game Deployment Pipeline

Quickly connect DIRECT for Games and Consumer Extended Reality (CXR) to your build process to eliminate time spent managing multiple tools, scripts, infrastructure and the build release library for your game or XR experience. A single script easily integrates DIRECT with the existing build process and moves the last-mile of the pipeline to the Amazon Web Services cloud.  Using an API, you can manage and control orchestration of your pipeline any way you want.

DIRECT Saves Time
DIRECT saves time by storing every release version for your game in the AWS cloud.  This version library is used to automatically generate delta update paths using on demand compute resources, providing the fastest and most economical way to address version fragmentation.  It provides the flexibility for you to determine which releases are kept and for how long.

DIRECT Speeds Iterative Development & Testing
DIRECT speeds up testing and development by providing a production-ready infrastructure environment for internal teams and partners to work in.  By using a production-ready infrastructure in the pipeline, there is no time wasted stopping and pushing the game build to another environment.

Everything you need to get your game ready to play.

DIRECT for Games & CXR last-mile deployment provides everything you need to quickly get your game or VR/AR application from your build servers to your team, partners and players:









Build Server Integration

Studio Branch Manager

Steam Works Integration

Made for game engines.

DIRECT is designed to specifically address the challenges of deploying game and XR applications made with game engine middleware.  It is game engine agnostic and supports most commercial, open source and proprietary engines.   Some of the most popular game engines used by our customers are Cryengine, Lumberyard, Unity and Unreal Engine.

The DIRECT Workflow API works with Unreal Engine 4, Amazon Lumberyard and Unity 5 to create a progressive onboarding experience which significantly reduces the time it takes for both new and returning players to get into the game.

DIRECT for Games Features:

Download Management User Controls: Provide options to choose save locations and pause, resume, or cancel a download, along with real-time performance on throughput and write speed.

Guaranteed Data Integrity: Every byte is validated using a secure hash algorithm to ensure it exactly matches data in the master repository.

Automatic Error Recovery: Internet errors from HTTPs, DNS, faulty routers, and dropped packets are automatically remediated without end-user interruption.

Multiple Data Repositories: Specify any number of repositories per release for flexibility in how and when new file packages are deployed and updated.

High-Performance Multi-threaded Downloads: Multiple simultaneous HTTP and I/O threads parallelize download and write operations to minimize download and update times.

Data Compression: Data is compressed on ingest and decompressed on the fly during the download to achieve data transfer savings of 5-40% and reduce download times to target systems.

Byte Level Delta Updates (Cloud): Reduce update times and CDN usage with RFC 3284 compliant delta updates generated quickly and automatically using AWS compute.

CDN Optimized Data Format: Files and packages are transformed into a file format that is optimized for the fastest delivery via CDN and eliminates CDN propagation errors.

CDN Token Authentication: Protect content on the CDN from unauthorized access by securing content URLs.

HTTPS Data Delivery: Deliver data securely over HTTPS with a global CDN.

Geo-IP Blocking: Restrict access to URLs from specific geo locations by IP address.

Custom EULA: Require acceptance of your EULA prior to an application download or update.

Installer Functions: Check and download pre-requisites, create shortcuts and icons, read and create registry settings, and more...

Auto-Launch Applications: Set the client to launch your application upon completion automatically.

User Authentication: Require username and password before initiating an install, download, or automatic update.

Custom JSON Workflows: Use the Workflow Engine to implement a chain of pre-defined system tasks using JSON.

Build System Integration: Pre-configure deployment scripts are provided for easy integration with your build system.

Automated Deployments via RESTful API: Automate deployments with our deployment scripts and API.

Manage Deployments Across Environments: Easily promote releases across Development, QA, Stage, and Live environments.

Delegated Promotion Authority: Specify only authorized users that are premissioned to promote releases from one environment to another.

Centrally Managed Deployments: Manage release deployments to target systems without requiring end-user interaction.

Funnel Reporting: View Deployment data as an acquisition funnel showing completion and abandonment rates and where users are dropping out of the funnel.

LiveOps Monitoring: Live operation data shows the health of ongoing deployments.

Data Export: Send data to Mixpanel, Keen, AWS Firehose, or S3 for import into other BI solutions.

Custom Data Collection: Add customer events for inclusion into the deployment data set.

Branded UI: White label UI template uses your branding.

Localization: Localize client UI messaging into any language.

Custom UI: Create a completely unique UI look and feel using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Social Integrations: Allow end-user logins using Facebook, Google, and more.

Single Sign-on: Integrate with OAuth2 identity provider system for SSO and user administration.

eCommerce: Integrate with shopping cart checkout for dynamic payload insertion.

Entitlement: Entitle client end-users to specific releases and/or environments.

Get players into the game fast.

Remove friction and increase player acquisition and retention. DIRECT for Games & CXR goes all the way to the player, enables progressive onboarding and puts an end to the problem of version fragmentation.

Progressive Onboarding
Get your players into game play fast using DIRECT's game engine integration with Unreal Engine 5, Amazon Lumberyard, and Unity 5 game engines.The typical game deployment processes require all game assets be available locally before gameplay can begin, which can lead to long wait times for both the initial game installation as well as returning player updates.  DIRECT's game engine integration only requires that a minimum subset of content must be available before a player can enter the game, allowing game designers to create a unique onboarding experience using the game engine's authoring tools that will significantly reduce wait times for new and returning players.

DIRECT’s progressive onboarding capability uses independent pipelines to manage the deployment of game content to the player’s system from within the game engine.   DIRECT’s Workflow API simplifies development by allowing an implementer to create and chain discrete, predefined system tasks using JSON without the need to write expansive functions.

Benefits of DIRECT for Games & CXR

  • An API-driven build system integration that automates deployment and branch promotion of new builds throughout the last-mile pipeline.
  • Byte-level differences for efficient data transfer during repository synchronizations.
  • Event data streaming that provides continuous insight into acquisition funnel and operational health of the deployment pipeline.

Put an End to Version Fragmentation
DIRECT for Games & CXR solves the version fragmentation problem by generating all necessary update paths quickly and automatically utilizing the massively parallel computing resources of AWS.  Existing players spend more time playing and less time updating their games, while new players automatically receive the latest version providing the fastest path to gameplay.

Delight Your Players With:

  • Quick initial install with our integrated web installer. No need for a generic installer.
  • ​High-speed download of prereqs and game content.
  • Support for multi-stage game installation.
  • Progressive Onboarding.
  • Fast sync to the latest version, no more patch/apply phase.
  • Fault tolerant design.
  • Automatic error recovery.
  • Redundant delivery networks.

Your players will spend more time playing and less time waiting.

Control the game acquisition experience.  As soon as your players click the 'download' button, our integrated web installer will kick off the unified experience while removing friction points along the way so you can reduce abandonment and increase player acquisition.

DIRECT Release Automation

Forget about game patching and all the hassles that come with version fragmentation.  The updating process will never be the same with DIRECT Release Automation.


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Push any release to production at any time.

DIRECT is the only available solution on the market that provides a Continuous Delivery environment, allowing you to push any release to production at any time. By supporting Continuous Delivery best practices, DIRECT makes it easy to move builds through your promotion chain. You'll be able to rapidly deploy game builds to new and returning players.

Take Advantage of our Experience
DIRECT is based on 10 years of experience working with software, AAA game developers, and application publishers to help them speed up the last-mile of the game deployment pipeline.  It simplifies the way your internal teams and partners work with your game.

Process New Releases Fast​
DIRECT scales on-demand because it was designed to take advantage of the benefits of Amazon Web Services (AWS).  It provides on-demand capacity to rapidly process each new release and then automatically pass the new build release to the library on a global CDN to ensure reach and performance.

DIRECT Continuous Delivery Environment

Get more visibility into user acquisition and retention.

All information has an expiration date.  That is why we provide real-time analytics for our customers so you can make critical business decisions on the fly.

  • Funnel analytics
  • Geographic reporting
  • Custom data collections
  • Export data to your own system or business intelligence solution
  • Optionally redirect real-time data stream to your data warehouse for full control of your data


Save time, money and the hassle of building your own solution.
DIRECT is better, faster and cheaper than building your own deployment solution.