Intelligent File Transfer

Technical Overview


DIRECT is designed to give end-users control over deployments to their system, including pausing, resuming, cancelling and rate-limiting the use of their system resources. It also includes a number of capabilities to ensure fault tolerance over common Internet, local network and system errors.  The Our file Managed File Transfer transfer technology is designed for high-performance delivery using Content Delivery Networks (CDN).

  • Data integrity is guaranteed using a secure hash algorithm (SHA) to ensure byte-level consistency with the original source
  • Errors from HTTP, DNS, faulty routers and dropped packets are automatically remediated without end-user intervention
  • Data packages are temporarily transformed into an Internet-optimized file pieces designed for high-performance delivery over CDN while avoiding CDN file propagation issues
  • Multiple simultaneous HTTP and I/O threads parallelize download and write operations to minimize download and update times
  • Byte-level delta updates minimize the volume of data transfer required to update file systems and significantly reduce overall update times
  • Auto-detection of proxies through DNS and DHCP with Javascript Proxy Auto-Config (PAC) file support

Security Features

  • Support for authentication (Basic, Digest, Negotiate, NTLM) with HTTP proxies and web servers
  • Support for HTTPS secure socket (TLS 1.2) connections
  • AES content encryption; secure your application content with AES encryption on your premises using your own encryption keys
  • Protect content on the CDN from unauthorized access by securing content URLs with token authentication