DIRECT for Software Downloads

Simple, secure, and success is guaranteed.

Elevate the security and user experience of your software download center.

Download Centers

Securely deliver enterprise software, firmware, drivers, and more to your customers, partners, and remote workers with a dynamic download manager platform.

Software Delivery

Integrate with your eCommerce platform to provide a fast, scalable, and secure download experience for your customers in a seamless shopping cart experience.

Subscription & Trial
Software Downloads

Provide prospects an intuitive, user-friendly experience for software demos and free-trials, while tracking success from initial request through the application launch.

If your business depends on software downloads,
the DIRECT Dynamic Download Platform is the solution you need.

  Create an on-demand, secure delivery relationship with your customers. 

  • Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.
  • Easy to use, intuitive user interface for your customers.
  • No touch integration with your existing CDN (or use ours).
  • Deploy extra-large files and/or giant software catalogs anywhere in the world.
  • Complete with industry-leading features and advanced security.
  • Easily integrate your existing download center or eCommerce platform with our simple API.
  • Real-time, actionable analytics.
  • Get up and running in days.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.

AkamaiNeed to replace your NetSession download manager?

Try the only Akamai approved NetSession replacement for software downloads.

Chad Martin, Spectrasonics, Inc.
Solid State Networks has provided us with a robust and reliable product for over 5 years, which has in turn allowed us to offer our customers a robust and reliable download experience...[Solid State Networks] has exceeded my expectations, which is not easy to do, and so I definitely recommend them very highly.

The DIRECTDDP makes it possible to escape the limits of Internet browsers.

Escape the browsers

The browser developers couldn't care any less about your software deployments. Relying on an Internet browser to securely deliver your high-value software is simply using the wrong tool for the job and is probably leaving money on the table.

The DIRECTDDP gets the browser out of the way by creating a direct channel between you and your customer, giving you unprecedented control over your software deployments beyond the firewall.

The DIRECTDDP crushes all major browsers in security, performance and UX.

Developed from the ground up specifically to address the complexities of deploying software to systems with constraints beyond your control, the DIRECTDDP is fault-tolerant, secure, with end-to-end analytics and a simple API that will make implementation a snap.

Break Free From The Browser
& Start Using the Right Tool for the Job!

Secure Your Software Downloads Without Sacrificing User Experience.

Give your customers the user-friendly download experience they deserve.  Tailor the download experience using a developer-friendly API, and intuitive user controls.

When your customer requests a file, or series of files, from your website, DIRECTDDP returns a dynamically configured, secure download manager (DLM) specifically suited for their request.


The DIRECTDDP makes software downloads easy.


Incorporate a Javascript code snippet into your software download center or eCommerce web application that will call our globally distributed API.


Your customer makes a download request through your web app.  Our API returns a native client agent that has been dynamically configured to securely deliver your software while providing an unmatched user experience for your customer.


The DLM establishes a direct connection to your CDN outside of the browser and will overcome technical problems including Internet connectivity and data integrity issues.  A real-time data stream provides a view of download activity and detailed reporting.

The DIRECTDDP is simple, intuitive, and transparent.


A simple HTTP POST to our API enables a dynamic download experience configured specifically for your customer at runtime.

Native Client Agent

A multi-platform, intuitive, user-friendly, and secure client application that will improve your customers download experience.

Real-Time Analytics

Always be in the know with real-time analytics, LiveOps monitoring, and the flexibility to export into your existing BI solution.

No matter how large your software catalog is, we can handle it!

Large Software Catalog

No matter how extensive your software catalog is, the DIRECTDDP API makes it easy to dynamically and securely deliver the files to your customer, while providing a user experience they'll love.  DIRECTDDP is a cloud-based platform, purpose built to automate the deployment of any digital content while leveraging the global reach and scale of content delivery networks (CDNs).

Large files? No problem!

Nothing can be more frustrating to a customer than almost finishing the download of a large file, and something goes wrong. When you rely on a browser to handle your downloads, this scenario is all too familiar.

Only DIRECTDDP will provide your customers with the stability they need to download large files reliably and securely quickly.

  • Need to pause the download and resume at a later time? You can do that.
  • Lost internet connection? No problem, the download will pick up where it left off as soon as the connection is restored.
  • Accidentally close the browser? No problem. DIRECTDDP works outside of the browser as a stand-alone-executable.
File Size: 5 GB
File Size: 5 TB
File Size: 50 TB
File Size: 100 TB

DIRECTDDP is the only way to transfer large files to your customers with security and reliability while providing them the best user experience available.

Simplify deployment process while increasing your success rate.

DIRECTDDP is the only commercially available solution that supports continuous delivery practices that allow you to push any release to production at any time, while rapidly deploying updated content to your CDN.


Upload new software/files to your content delivery network (CDN).


Your customer selects file(s) from your website's software download center or eCommerce store to download.


The DIRECT API sends a POST request for the content selected by your customer.


Your customer is then returned a dynamic, secure, single-use DLM created specifically from their request.

The DIRECTDDP provides real-time, actionable analytics

All information has an expiration date.  That is why we provide real-time analytics for our customers so you can make critical business decisions on the fly.

  • Funnel analytics
  • Geographic reporting
  • Custom data collections
  • Export data to your own system or business intelligence solution
  • Optionally redirect real-time data stream to your data warehouse for full control of your data
Analytics Dashboard Example

The DIRECTDDP features:

The DIRECT DDP is a full-featured deployment solution.  Check out some of the features available below, and contact us to set up an evaluation.

Download Manager User Controls: Intuitive user controls allow for pause/resume or cancel a download, file save-to location, and real-time performance on throughput and write speed.

Guaranteed Data Integrity: Every byte is validated using a secure hash algorithm to ensure it exactly matches data in the master repository.

Automatic Error Recovery: Internet errors from HTTPs, DNS, faulty routers, or dropped packets are automatically remediated without end-user interruption.

High-performance Multi-threaded Downloads: Multiple simultaneous HTTP and I/O threads parallelize download and write operations to minimize the download time.

Data Compression: Data is compressed on ingest and decompressed on the fly during the download to achieve data transfer savings of 5-40% and reduce download times to target systems.

CDN Optimized Data Format: Files and packages are transformed into a file format optimized for the fastest delivery via CDN, and to eliminate CDN propagation errors.

CDN Token Authentication: Protect content on the CDN from unauthorized access by securing content URLs.

HTTPS Data Delivery: Deliver data securely over HTTPS with a global CDN.

Geo-IP Blocking: Restrict access to URLs from specific geo locations by IP address.

AES Data Encryption: Secure your application content with AES encryption on your premises using your own encryption keys.

Custom EULA: Option to require acceptance of your EULA prior to an application download or update.

Installer Functions: Check and download pre-requisites, create shortcuts and icons, read and create registry settings, and more...

Auto-Launch Applications: Set the client to launch your application upon completion automatically.

Build System Integration: Pre-configured deployment scripts are provided for easy integration with your build system.

Automate via RESTful API: Automate deployments and dynamically create DLMs based on user requested files with our simple API.

Manage Deployments Across Environments: Easily promote releases across Development, QA, Stage and Live environments.

Funnel Reporting: View deployment data as an acquisition funnel shoeing completion and abandonment rates and wee where users are dropping out of the funnel.

LiveOps Monitoring: Live operation data shows the health of ongoing deployments.

Data Export: Send data to Mixpanel, Keen, AWS Firehose, or S3 for import into other BI solutions.

Branded UI: White label UI template uses your branding.

Localization: Localize client UI messaging into any language.

Ecommerce: Integrate with shopping cart checkout for dynamic payload insertion.

Entitlement: Entitle client end-users to specific releases and/or environments.